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Best customer experience for service and sales over distance, thanks to aligned eye-contact call center workstations.

These systems feature the patented 3D Virtual TeleportationTM technology : the remote person seems physically present : life-sized, in 3D, with aligned eye-contact, no visible camera or screen. This is not comparable with 2D displays nor with ‘3D TV’s which require goggles. The 3D experience is without glasses and is authentic : the sense of presence is very strong. Most people think that the remote person is actually in the same room.

All units can easily be connected with peripheral equipment (printer, scanner, reader,…).

Note that in order to generate 3D images onto these units, an Agent Workstation for 3D transmission is required in the remote locations.

The In-RoomTM

The In-Room 3D Kiosk

This unit is integrated into the corner of an existing room. This is the pinnacle of ‘immersive environment’ as the remote person seems to be sitting in the room, behind a desk. The background (blue on the photo) can be customized to blend-in, aesthetically, into the room. Footprint (without table) is 1 square meter. Not recommended for public locations.

DOWNLOAD Line-up of the 3D Kiosks

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