Service your customers
personally over distance

Deploying these technologies will not only cut costs permanently but will also improve your level of service.

Personal Contact Kiosks

There is a specific 'kiosk' for every unique situation; also for yours.

The patented Holographical Reality™ makes your agent seem really present.
To your customer it looks and feels exactly as if the remote person is physically in the same location. 3D appearance, invisible camera and screen. Aligned eye-contact.
Many Kiosk-projects fail because of lack of expertise and experience. A Kiosk project fails, when the Kiosk is not being used. Download the '10 Critical Success Factors for Kiosk Projects'

Wheelchair Friendly

Counter Top

Full Height

Hospitality Counter


HolographicalReality - The Wall-Mount

HolographicalReality - The In Wall

HolographicalReality - The Room

Peripheral equipment

Any device needed to support your transactions and processes, can be integrated. There is nothing you can do 'locally' that can not be done over distance.

The system can run fully automatically or can be controlled by the customer using a touch screen or Gesture Control

Aligned eye-contact

With conventional video-chat and video-conferencing, people never look each other into the eyes, as they do in real life. That makes video communication stilted, unrewarding and unnatural.

To convey trust, to establish rapport and to ensure a perfect customer experience, aligned eye-contact is essential.

The unique format of this patented technology will see to it that your agent looks your customer straight into the eyes. That makes all the difference.

Self-Service and Automated Processes

In VideoRobotix™ the 'Human Avatar' assists your customer during self-service transactions.
The custom-built program interacts live with your customer like a skilled employee does, without any human involvement. It connects the customer with a live agent in a remote location, when required or appropriate.

Intelligent Ticketing

Video Service over Distance and Human Avatar™ are often combined with and complemented by staff members who are residing in the same location as the Kiosks.

The Intelligent Ticketing Service™ ensures that every customer receives the exact right service using the best possible resource with the shortest possible waiting times.

Secure Integration

From the earliest stage of the project, our skilled Expert Team works closely with your ICT staff to integrate with your data-networks, VPN infrastructure, legacy systems and databases.
Using API's and web services ensures interactive data-communication in full compliance with your security policies and standards.

Our professional Integration Services, reduce the workload and involvement of your ICT staff to a strict minimum; both during and after implementation.


Controlling the Remote Location

Attending service-points over distance usually requires 'local control' in the remote location i.e. opening doors or barriers, switching on/off lights, putting conveyor belts into motion, heating or airco, etc.

Sensors and intelligent camera recognition have the ability to detect the presence of a person or other incidents that may occur. The remote agent is alerted instantly and takes appropriate action over distance. To allow this full control over distance, micro-processors and SSD/relays are integrated; programmed for your specific situation.

The Video Operating System AVICCS

Gives you System Management control. The standard features of the Management System are: Profile Management (adding, deleting Kiosks and Agents), Dynamic and Intelligent Routing (connecting the customer automatically with the most suitable agent or resource) and Reporting (downloading data into your Excel to create your own reports). Optionally you can choose to Stream and to record the live sessions.


System Availability

The systems are used for mission-critical applications. The configurations have been designed for maximum reliability by limiting the hardware components and by deploying only the most robust components. Preventive and corrective maintenance are done over distance, outside office hours. Integrated micro-processors and relays enable advanced remote troubleshooting and remedial actions. Our response times are counted in minutes,.. not in hours. That is not a promise, but a fact.

Your Private Secure System

We custom-build the processes for your specific situation, in concertation with your Management Team. You use the application under white label: it looks and feels like 'your organisation'. Confidential data is stored on your own servers and does not leave your firewalls. A private signaling cloud server is dedicated to your organisation alone; not shared with others. These private servers for European customers are hosted in the EU. That is not only secure but also faster (higher video quality) and is important for legal reasons (EU Privacy legislation).

The tailor-made solutions, custom-built for your processes and organisation, can lead to breakthrough results.

Mobile and Desktop for
Multi-Channel Communication

To access your service, your customers are not restricted to Kiosks, nor are they limited to physical locations. Using the same Cloud-Infrastructure, your customers video-chat with your Agents, using their mobiles and desktops; from anywhere. Clicking one button on your website suffices to establish the connection. No need for you to change your website: one line of code suffices.

You are compatible with virtually everybody in the world.
Most of your desktop-customers will not even have to download software.

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API for Video-Chats

Our API enables you to integrate video-chats into your website, e-mails and text-chats.
The integration is simple and gives you instant access to a complete video-chat system; without any development.
White label and 100% customized.

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Instant Language Interpretation

When being confronted with another language-speaker, your agent can make a language choice on the screen. Typically, within 1 to 4 minutes a live interpreter will be online to translate the conversation between your agent and your customer.
There are over 100 languages available. This service if offered to you in collaboration with the company Vooyz.

We underline that this is not machine-translation but the interpretation service is provided by a real person (interpreter). This service literally allows you to speak live with almost everyone on the planet. Instantly and without prior reservation.
At a pre-determined cost. No surprises.

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Case Studies and Examples


Hotel Front Desk

Airport & Station





Police Precincts



Temp Agency


Teleportel (since 2001) is undisputed market-leader in the niche of custom-built, video-based systems enabling to service customers over distance. Hundreds of systems have been shipped to 30 countries worldwide. Making a video-chat connection cannot fundamentally solve any business problem. A lot more is needed and that is exactly what our specialty is and the area where we have accumulated a unique set of skills and expertise. We will be happy to share our experience and know-how with you. Here you can find a few examples and ideas. The R.O.I. typically varies between 7 and 13 months but what is even more important, is that - thanks to our unique methodology of prior operational analysis - we can/will predict your R.O.I. upfront with a high level of accuracy.

It is not possible to experience the very strong sense of 3D presence and the unique sensation by looking at a webpage or by
watching video clips. To really grasp the significance and the power of this unique technology, one has to experience this personally by being in front of the system.
We kindly invite you for a live demonstration in our 300 square meter Experience Facility in Belgium (unique in Europe) or in our demo facility in Plano.
Contact us by e-mail: or call us +32(0)2 478 90 80 or submit the form below. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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