From the workplace, any member of your staff can attend your Front Desk Reception

The Live VIDEO Receptionist improves service and saves costs

The latest technologies allow you to welcome your guests over distance, without compromising the level of service. A co-worker in another location connects in high quality video with your guests. Instantly and effortlessly. Your co-worker does not need any special equipment : a computer and internet suffice.

Your guest touches the screen to establish the video connection. Or the system can be triggered by movement detection for an automatic connection. Or the guest can also click the name of the contact person that he/she is visiting. In this case, the contact person receives an SMS or e-mail, without having to involve a member of your staff.

The video-connections are secured and encrypted. The system uses the latest technologies and is not comparable with programs such as 'Skype' or technologies such as video-conferencing. Moreover, thanks to the patented concept for the Agent Workstation (i.e. computer used by the Remote Receptionist) he or she will appear with aligned eye-contact (looking the guest straight into the eyes and not above or below as is the case with conventional video-chats).

The video & audio quality is high and without lip sync problems or other aberrations that are sometimes associated with video communication. Yet, the bandwidth (network) requirements are low.

The remote receptionist could be anywhere in the world. That could be in the same building (for instance a staff member who 'stands in') or it could be in another city or even country. Or in a call-center. Thanks to dynamic, intelligent routing the call can be routed automatically to the best available member of staff who is currently available.

The system eliminates the idle time of the receptionists and/or it supports the receptionist who is busy 'by calling in a member of staff from another location'. Waiting times and queuing can be a thing of the past.


The remote receptionist can print badges, documents, issue magnetic keys, scan and authenticate identification, etc...

How YOU deploy this new technology depends entirely on your strategy. You could opt to only activate the screen when your receptionist is temporary unavailable, busy or absent. Or you could use the service outside office hours. Or, you could use it 24/7. Or you could use only when there are queues and waiting lines. In all cases, the service to your guests will be impeccable. It is as personal as being there. Your receptionist is present when the guest is in need of service, but ONLY then.

The visitors are logged. With the system comes a complete reporting module. This allows you to run detailed statistical reports on everything that expired : who arrived and left when, what were the waiting times, what was the guests' customer satisfaction rating, etc... This give you control and helps you to streamline your processes.

The System Architecture is open to integrate the font-office (where your guest will be), the back-office (where your remote receptionist resides) and the ICT back-end (your databases and existing ICT systems). Thanks to the custom-built approach and the modularly available features, you can select exactly those functionalities and devices that fit perfectly with your processes and with the user experience you want to create.

Check out what the NextGenKiosks™ (kiosks of the next generation) can do for your business.


Different types of standard devices are available. A few popular examples are highlighted here:


The 'Touch' is the 19' to 27' entry level model. It fits on top of your desk or against the wall. We ship this 'All in One' screen to you. You connect it to the internet and you are ready to go. We also provide a link for the remote receptionists to use. No need to download software.


The 'Medium-Height Kiosk' is a wheel-chair friendly, floorstand touchscreen based device with a 32' touch display. The unit is very convenient to integrate peripheral equipment such as printers, scanners, payment terminals, etc...


The ‘Full-Height Kiosk’ is an elegant and nicely designed floor stand Kiosk with a high finishing that matches any indoor environment, featuring a 32’ touch display.


The 'Holographic Kiosk' is the pinnacle of visual effect and it is our flagship model. You have probably not seen this before. The remote Receptionist appears as if really physically different. Most guests will not realize that the person in not in the same location. The appearance is very realistic : life-sized and in 3D. The receptionist is projected in mid-air (like 'holographically') and neither the screen nor the camera are visible. This adds to the illusion of presence : only the receptionist appears as if he/she would be standing behind the counter. This patented technology 'wows' the guests and is extremely well received.

These standard models and the software can be customized to match your specific aesthetic and functional requirements. The systems are used under white label i.e your name.

Needless to say that - besides offering an excellent service to your guests - this solution saves a lot of money and has the potential to boost your productivity almost instantly and in sustainable manner.

Heads-Up Personal Hospitality Service

This automated system enables a host to welcome a guest personally without involvement of a receptionist. The host awaits the guest in the lobby upon arrival.


The remote receptionist appears live in front of the visitors : it truly feels as if she is standing behind the front desk. Badges can be printed remotely and a picture of the visitors can be taken, including their time of entry in the building. Thanks to a digital sign-in screen, the visitor can register. Being welcomed by a friendly, live-size, 3D receptionist - with real eye contact - is a welcome that one will not soon forget. The receptionist can also deal with other tasks such as e-mail, telephone and secretarial tasks. Various models and finishing are available, depending on the specific environment and customer requirements. The unit can be integrated behind a wall or can be used 'stand-alone'. This is a very cost-saving, high-image application and it is as effective as a physical person behind the front desk.

You can work with your own staff to act as remote receptionist. Or you can choose to outsource. Or a combination of both ; for instance to cope with peak-moments or to ensure presence outside office hours.

Besides realizing substantial savings, the system offers many possibilities. The receptionists can welcome visitors in different locations in the building. The remote-receptionist, - located in a central call center - can appear live in front of the visitors, 24 hours/ 7 days. This solution also provides Live Language Interpretation for foreign visitors,featuring instant verbal translation by an interpreter in the cloud.

Discover the flexibility and versatility of this Technology and the undiscovered potential to result in enhanced customer service, greater productivity and a more sustainable business model.


Remote hosts and hostesses welcome your visitors at your events, open houses, seminars,meetings, etc... The visitors can register themselves or the remote hostess can do it for them. The badges are printed remotely. Applications include of course welcoming the guests but can also include ticketing (ticket sales). Or in-house hospitality counters provide assistance for in-house facilities (toilets, restaurants, use of wifi, etc..).

The use of pre-recorded content (video answers to F.A.Q.) saves time and will decrease the burden placed on your Agents. The visitor will receive an instant, pre-recorded reply, in the language of his or her choice. For the less frequent or 'personal' questions, the visitor establishes a connection with a live person (i.e. your agent). Your agents could combine this 'hosting'-job with other actvitities and simply 'turn their chair' towards the screen when the visitor in the remote location pushes the button.

The hosts and hostesses can offer assistance ; when required by the visitor or shopper.

Temp Agency Attended over Distance

The hospitality counters can also be placed in public locations like shopping malls or stores or other locations where many people gather. The systems can for instance be used to assist shoppers, for market research (shopper surveys), to sell, to provide support, etc...

The bottom line : there will always be a remote host available when required by the visitor or shopper. Reduced cost through avoidance of idle time while providing perfect customer service !


When entering a plant or facility, visitors are sometimes invited to watch a video-presentation and answer a few questions to ensure they understood the instructions. Keeping these instructions and the content up-to-date proves to be a challenge. CARSIV™ is a cloud-tool enabling you to cope with this challenge.


Reception with Holographical Reality™

With Holographical Reality™ your remote receptionist seems to be really physically present: he or she appears life-sized, in 3D,there is no visible camera nor display, the receptionist is projected in 'mid-air' and with genuinly aligned eye-contact (looking your guest straight in the eyes). Most guests do not even realize that your receptionist is in a remote location. This is really as good as being there.

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