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About You

You are looking to find a solution for your specific business problem. It is a long search and chances that you will find exactly what you need, are very small. In other words, it will take a lot of time and you will probably not find the perfect answer to your specific question.

Deploying video-communication technology can be hazardous if knowledge is lacking. Many companies have spent millions on video communication but did not get the return they were hoping for.

One-size- fits-all’ , standard packages and ‘off-the-shelve’ video applications are not the answer to your business problem. What you need is a solution, designed specifically for your problem, for your customers, for your environment.

A specialized approach and expertise are required to lead to breakthrough results. Since 2001, the core-business of Teleportel is exactly that.

It all depends on your responsibility and on what you are looking for.
Find a fundamental and sustainable business solution for your specific problem here.

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